Droga Pharma Pvt.Ltd.Co was established in April 2015 by a group of healthcare professionals, who have rich business experience in the pharmaceutical, Research, Manufacturing sector. We are working in the pharmaceuticals import, wholesale and retail business, targeting the public as well as the private health sector of Ethiopia. Apart from the import business, our wholesale division is also working to serve the health care facility and organizations that need pharmaceuticals and healthcare products. Droga Pharma PLC staffed with a highly qualified and dedicated 246+ employee. We believe in our staff and our commitment to benefit our customers; that is what builds our company. Our annual sales is more than 25 million USD for the private market and also we won more than 60 Million USD in government tenders through our partner manufacturer.

Our values


We operate in the industry where human live is crucial. In each and every steps of our service we give special attention on the quality of our products that will be used in the diagnosis and treatment of the human life. Outmost in our company we respect human being irrespective of any status and identity.


We keep our promise to protect the health of the people. We are honest to ourselves, to our customers and to our society in delivering quality product and service to the healthcare facility of the country.


We are committed enough to achieve our target to protect the health of the people through supplying on time delivery of service and products. Our commitment will last long till we achieve our goals as a company as well as individually

Customer Centric

Our success as a team will be achieved in the fulfillment of the customer demand. We respect human being, honest to ourselves and committed to satisfy our customer needs.


To be the leading group company in Ethiopia that creates health and wealth for human being


We build ethical companies that provide quality products and services by our talented and motivated members to serve humanity and contribute to the socio economic development of the nation. 

Droga Group Companies

Our Partners