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Droga pharma research and development 

             The research and development departments of Droga pharma was established in 2021 G.C with the aim of providing a state of the art research facility.  The unit is currently focused on development and research on two wings: Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals /Food supplements. The unit has experienced professionals  providing  services and conducting research and development both for the company and for pharmaceutical companies all over the globe.

Formulation Department develops the drug products through formulation studies to maximize the effectiveness and safety of API, such as improving the solubility and stability, and controlling of drug release. The department is responsible for establishing the quality of the drug products as a continuum, from development through clinical manufacturing to commercial manufacturing.

The activities under this include, but not limited to the following:

  • Formulations of pharmaceuticals
  • Formulation of herbal medicines
  • Formulations of nutraceuticals

The unit develops

    • Solid Oral dosage forms
    • Oral liquid dosage forms
    • Semi solids &
    • Injectable


The Research laboratory of Droga Pharma works on screening, identifying and developing Active Pharmaceutical ingredients so as to market, further develop into products and/or asses additional functions of the APIs and Raw materials with its fully equipped laboratories, Droga R&D will be engaged in the following activities:

  • Screening of selected medicinal plants for activities
  • Discovery of new compounds or APIs
  • Conducting pre-formulation studies
  • Conducting clinical trials for promising formulations of products
  • Excipient discovery and development researches

Various QC tests are conducted for products obtained from different centers, industries, academic and other research institutes and regulatory bodies. within its physicochemical and microbiological laboratories, Droga R&D department will be engaged in:

  • Establishment of the analytical procedures and specifications for API and drug products.
  • Preparation of stability protocols
  • Pursues analytical tests and stability studies of API and drug products
  • In-house analytical method development laboratory with stability chambers
  • Standardization of traditional medicines
  • Provision of pharmacovigilance services

The department is involved in doing lead optimizations, preclinical evaluation safety/tolerability testing and post market surveillances. Basically, Conducting bioequivalence (BE) studies of generic products for both local pharmaceutical manufacturers and regional ones.

The activities under this include the following:

  • Establishment of the laboratory for bioequivalence studies of generic products
  • Establishment of a clinical center with 16 bed capacity
  • Preparation of BE study protocol

The following calibration services will be offered by the center:

  • Pharmaceutical equipment
  • Medical diagnostic equipment
  • Laboratory testing equipment

Droga Pharma provides research grants and trainings for young and senior researchers from academic and research institutions and organizes scientific conferences.

Scientific conferences and trainings

  • Organizing annual scientific conference
  • Organizing problem solving training for pharmaceutical industries
  • Organizing and providing training regarding BE studies for interested bodies (academic and industries).


Grants/ Awards

  • Provide research grant for young and senior researchers from academic and research institutions
  • Droga Pharma PLC is pleased to announce the first round of DRG award winners for the year 2022.  The company’s grant award was launched in spring of 2022 to encourage & support junior & senior researchers that focus & are engaged in, health related problem solving, researches. For the year 2022 grants were to be awarded to research proposals that were within the thematic areas of, Excipient Development & Modification, Pharmaceutical Formulation Development, Nutraceutical Formulation Development, Food Supplements Formulation Development & Herbal Medicines. We are therefore happy to announce that Droga Research Grant 2022 has been awarded to two winning research proposals.

                     Congratulations to winners! 

              Next Grant Cycle starts in January 2023.

Consultations regarding the risk assessment of pharmaceutical manufacturing by mainly focusing on formulation potentials, developments and risks present on different dosage forms are done.

  • Formulation and Manufacturing Processes Consulting
  • Analytical method development & method validation
  • Scale-Up/Technical Transfer Assistance
  • Formulation Optimization/Rationalization
  • Packaging development support


  • Establishing strategic collaborations with potential partners (research and academic institutions, pharmaceutical and food industries, and regulatory bodies)

1. Introduction

DROGA PHARMA PLC welcomes DRG-OR (Droga Orthopedic Research Grant) applications for projects working towards addressing the problems faced regarding Femur Nail, Proximal Femur Nail, Proximal Femur anti-rotation augmentation nail. The project/research findings can be used to help in improving patients’ lives & comforts as well as orthopedicians’ practices. The grant will be prioritizing applications that can demonstrate that the findings and problems raised are majorly responding to clinical outcomes and responding to the challenges the community and the country are facing.

Only one request per applicant per year is permitted for DRG-OR. Requested fund cannot exceed 100,000ETB (One thousand birr) per project. Funding of research projects that involve human subjects or animals must have documented Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval, prior to the release of funds. Requests for no-cost extensions are granted only under special circumstances and on a case-by-case basis.

1.    Scope

The Droga Orthopedic Research Grant (DRG-OR) will be granted to projects/researches in of the following areas:

  • Femur Nail
  • Proximal Femur Nail
  • Proximal Femur anti rotation augmentation nail

2.    Eligibility

Who is eligible for the DRG-OR?

Applicants must fulfill the following to be considered eligible:

  • The project/ research should be set up in Ethiopia.
  • The applicant must be a holder of an Ethiopian citizenship
  • The applicant should be an orthopedic resident or an orthopedic Surgeon
  • Applicant can be from one of the following institutes:  Governmental Hospitals or  Privat Hospitals
  • Applicants from Government teaching hospitals with orthopedic residency are highly encouraged.

3.  Droga Orthopedics Research Grant application timeline

  • Call for application to DRG-OR is made on September 1st 2022 and applications open on October 1st 2022
  • The application must be received with in eight weeks from opening deadline 
  • Only electronic submissions will be accepted
  • Proposals can be submitted from October 1st 2022 to December 1st 2022
  • Research Grants are for a maximum of one year.

4.    Funding

  • The award is a fixed-price grant of up to 100,000ETB (one thousand birr) per project.
  • An applicant will not be funded for more than one project per year
  • An initial payment of thirty percent (30%) of the total grant amount is distributed upon the execution of the research agreement and assignment of copyright.
  • A second payment of twenty percent (20%) of the total amount will be awarded once a written progress report along with documents proving use of the thirty percent (30% ) award has be submitted to the grant facilitators.
  • A final payment of fifty percent (50%) of the total grant amount is awarded upon delivery of the final report to DROGA PHARMA PLC.
  • The grant will be awarded directly to the researcher after announcement of his/her wining and signing of an MOU with Droga Pharma PLC. The applicant should also submit a support letter from his/her institution regarding the research work before receiving the award.
  • The grants/contract administrator cannot be the research advisor.
  • Grants can be used to support thesis research, directed study, or research projects
  • Funds cannot be used for applicant/s salary support.
  • Candidates must demonstrate that the DRG-OR is sufficient to complete the research, or that additional sources of funding exist to enable completion of the research.
  • Any applicants that have previously received funding for a DRG-OR must provide information on prior funding including publications resulting from the grant

        Application process

Please do not apply if you do not fulfill the criteria mentioned above.

Step 1. Thoroughly read the eligibility criteria and conditions at which funding is granted

Step2. Download the PDF file below for the guidelines of writing the proposal and abstract.

 download PDF here 

Step 3. Complete the DRG application form which can be accessed at www.drogapharma.com

N.B. When filling the application form the applicant must upload his/her documents in both a PDF and WORD format. The documents should be put in a zip file, and the name of the zip file should be DRG-OR 2022APPLICANT’S NAME.

i.e. the documents to be uploaded are, CV of the applicant, CV of the supervisor /Advisor if any, two recommendation letters, letter of support/approval from the institution plus funder’s information, if any.

Opened on October 1st 2022

Our Team 

We have highly experienced and trained experts who are involved in clinical researches, with knowledge of Good Clinical Practices along with good experience in Pharmaceutical Formulation development & regulatory affairs at manufacturing sites.

Our team focuses on utilizing available resources and setting competence managements so as to efficiently manage competitions and also manage internal and external capabilities.